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Get 1 hr. of outside instruction by viewing these instructional tapes developed by the United States Soccer Federation. North Chapter has purchased a copy of each of these videos and they are available for viewing at the Soccer Office located at 2418 California St., Suite B (southwest corner of California and Baker St., 1 blk. east of Evt. Indoor and PUD Bldg. - office is in the lower part of the Impression Design Bldg.).

Call and make an appointment with the office manager, Naomi Johnson @ 425-252-2099.

Myths of the Game MYTHS OF THE GAME - There are a number of misunderstandings about what the referee calls, or does not call. This tape is divided into five topical areas -- handballs, offside, dangerous play, throw-ins, and goalkeepers. Coverage of each topic includes: examples of some of the wrong information which many people have; examples of game situations illustrating the situations which can arise under the general heading; comments from players and referees; and, expert voice-over explaining proper terms as well as the proper application of the Laws of the Game.
GUIDE TO PROCEDURES FOR REFEREES - The soccer referee crew for every game is a team! This tape is designed to demonstrate and discuss the standardized signals, techniques, mechanics and procedures that all Referees, Assistant Referees and Fourth Officials should be using. The procedures demonstrated on this video have been developed over the years to provide Officials with a means to recognize signals (communications) wherever they may officiate in the United States - from youth games to the professional level.
LAWS OF THE GAME / THE GRAY AREAS - This new video addresses those portions of the Laws that may be vague or misunderstood by referees, players, administrators, coaches and parents. The video is divided into four sections: What We Need To Play (Laws 1-4); Mechanics Of Play (Laws 7-10, 13, 15-17); Offside (Law 11); Crime And Punishment (Laws 12 and 14). The information included in this video comes from memoranda from the International Football Association Board, FIFA, and the United States Soccer Federation and from the IFAB/FIFA Questions and Answers. Some of the items are covered in the Laws, but are either vague or are often misunderstood /misinterpreted.
MAKING THE OFFSIDE CALL - Uses examples drawn from the 1999 Women's World Cup. This tape features replays, slow motion, stop action, additional camera angles and innovative graphics. Viewers are able to see and understand critical elements of the offside violation. Also featured are international referees and assistant referees working together to produce immediate, accurate offside decisions, without the luxury of technology.


FOR THE GOOD OF THE GAME Youth Sports Publishing - Bob Evans & Ed Bellion. Modern techniques and practical wisdom for today's soccer referee
SOCCER OFFICIALS GUIDEBOOK Referee and National Assoc. of Sports Officials Carl Schwartz. Most comprehensive, graphic intensive book on soccer officiating available