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The following Documents and reference elements are available to you to assist you in supporting the goals of the game and the basic mission of NCRefs. Clicking on the "Key" will provide you all the details about the Document available from the NCRefs Site.

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67 League Rules WSSA Adult Leagues / PLAYER CARD WSSA pdf
121 League Rules Player Check in and Roster Procedures Vernon Winters pdf
135 League Rules All League Small Sided ROC Chart Vernon Winters pdf
137 League Rules Girls Academy (GA) Operating Procedures Vernon Winters Word
139 League Rules North Sound Recreational League ROC Vernon Winters Word
140 League Rules WSYSA Heading, Punting, Buildout Line Vernon Winters pdf
141 League Rules NPSL Operating Procedures Vernon Winters pdf
142 League Rules RCL Rules of Competition Vernon Winters pdf
143 League Rules Washington Premier League (WPL) Vernon Winters Word
144 League Rules North County Youth Soccer Assoc. (NCYSA) Vernon Winters Word
115 League Rules Lightning and Inclement Weather Policy USSF pdf
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